New students start the Hull University Executive MBA program in Cluj-Napoca

Today we mark the start of the program for our seventh group of students who are joining the Hull University EMBA in Cluj-Napoca. The 10 students who start the EMBA program today will join a British carousel-type educational program, which ensures greater interactivity between students, reuniting, and intersecting several cohorts over the years.

The students in this new class have on average 10 years of professional experience in various fields such as IT, automotive, energy. administration of European funds, retail & fashion, banking, and come from different cities in Romania such as Târgu-Mureș, Alba-Iulia, Brașov, and Cluj-Napoca. The majority has graduated from either educational programs abroad or has international work experience. This new group of students will be finishing the program in January 2023, after going through all the 12 modules of the carrousel and submitting the dissertation.

Nicholas Snowden, the MBA Academic Director, member of the Faculty of Business, Law, and Politics from Hull University, shares with us some insights about his experience in Romania. “Teaching the Hull EMBA in Cluj is always a pleasure. With friendly students who are engaged and committed both to the program and to each other, there is a real sense of 'family' and 'belonging' with every TEE cohort, and we all gain immense satisfaction by being part of that.”

The Executive MBA program of the University of Hull in Cluj-Napoca is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the business community in Cluj-Napoca and in Romania and the promotion of executive education based on the development and application of critical and associative thinking. One of the fundamental elements underlying this educational format is the existence of collaboration networks both between teachers and students, as well as between students and the alumni community that gravitates around Transylvania Executive Education. Thus, along with the access to the global expertise brought to Cluj-Napoca by the international professors of the University of Hull, the business community is exposed to an enriching exchange of ideas and can become part of social projects and business events developed by the TEE community and Hull University EMBA alumni.

The Executive MBA program at the University of Hull was launched in Cluj-Napoca in 2015, with the support of Babeș-Bolyai University, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and companies such as Banca Transilvania, Electrogrup and Emerson.