How was 2019 for Transilvania Executive Education

Through our educational programs and constant interaction with worldwide companies, academics and professionals we aim to become a space that encourages a constructive exchange of ideas and contributes to the consolidation of a resilient and creative business environment in Transylvania and Romania. In this sense, in the past year, we strove to connect the business, academic and non-governmental organizations from our executive education network through intellectually stimulating events and discussions organized in the format of Executive MBA modules and talks, workshops, masterclasses, and networking events and bring to Romania world class education and global experts in order to challenge and inspire the local entrepreneurs and bright minds who are striving to launch their ideas into the world.

Together with our main educational partner, the University of Hull (UK), we delivered 14 Executive MBA modules, which translate into more than 430 hours of teaching delivered by flying in experienced lecturers and professionals from the University of Hull. This year 35 new students joined the two EMBA classes which started in February and October and 20 graduates completed the program with outstanding results. We reached this way a new milestone, with more than 130 business people and entrepreneurs enrolled in the program, out of which 65 graduated since the launch of the EMBA in Cluj-Napoca. Furthermore, with the support of our partners, we managed this year to offer 5 scholarships which made possible for five dedicate professionals who want to invest in their growth to join the EMBA programme.  

Moreover, throughout 2019 we organized 14 Executive Talks with more than 230 participants. Amongst the speakers invited to this years’ Executive Talks, we were proud to have as our guests distinguished professionals and leaders like Alin Băiescu - alumni EMBA University of Hull, Chief Commercial Officer at Polaris Medical, Mirela Oprea who is the owner of Dream Management, Sorin Stan - Managing Director at Fluentech, Nadia Oanea - Tax Specialist and Partner at Grant Thornton Romania, Doru Droscaru - Chief Product Officer at Youkno, Razvan Drăgoi - Chief Development Officer at Fan Courier, Mircea Hoțoleanu - Business Management Consultant for the software industry, Doru Şupeală - alumni EMBA University of Hull, marketer and founder of the marketing school Şcoala SPOR, Daniel Mihai - Director Proposals Europe for Emerson Automation, Andrei Roth - Manager Cluj Office for UiPath, and Andrew Taylor - Managing Director of Transilvania Executive Education and owner of Connect CEE, who challenged us to think about the current digital developments and the future of business.

Besides the modules and Executive Talks, we concentrated our efforts on bringing world-class experts closer to the Romanian business community for a better exchange of good practices and focused discussions on the transformations produced by the convergence of technology and globalization. In July, we organized a lecture on the future of cybersecurity in partnership with Evozon, to which we invited Dionysios Demetis, a lecturer at the University of Hull Business School and an expert on countering money laundering strategies, who delivered a talk about digitalization and emerging risks of cyber-attacks.

In November, we focused our attention on the leadership and strategy topic, bringing to Cluj two of the world’s renown experts on the complexity and network thinking, Professor Yasmin Merali and Professor Dave Snowden, for a masterclass organized in partnership with Steelcase. The event enabled the participants to acquire the requisite combination of world-class conceptual skills and organizational capabilities to build an adaptive and resilient organization fit to compete and excel in today’s complex, interconnected world. Yasmin Merali and Dave Snowden have also participated during their stay in Cluj in a strategy workshop that addressed the needs of the actors involved in the betterment of our society, to plan and act strategically in an environment that is rapidly changing and evolving, with growing challenges and complex needs.  

Furthermore, we organized a book launch of the newly published volume “People, Place and Global Order. Foundations of a Networked Political Economy”, co-authored by our colleague Andrew Taylor with Adam Bronstone and published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. After this experience, we were happy to help our 3rd cohort who graduated this year in publishing a book with their best essays as a gift for the EMBA community: “In Search of Tomorrow. Critical Thinking about the Romanian and International Business Environment” [Cluj-Napoca: Cluj University Press 2019]. This book is the result of the combined efforts of the R3 EMBA class which worked astutely to bring in this collective volume some of their best EMBA essays. This is something they practiced and worked on during their studies in the EMBA program and something they wanted to share with the business and academic community in Romania. The essays cover a range of topics which vary from the insurance and financial industry, tourism, human resources management, software development, public health, manufacturing, marketing, operations management, hospitality, going all the way to the establishment of gourmet coffee shops and developing new brands for the craft beer market. 

We understand how important is to create a space that encourages a constructive exchange of ideas and contributes to the consolidation of a resilient and creative business environment, reason why we organized our first event in Sibiu, a business strategy workshop that enabled the local business community to understand the changes in the value creation system and gain access to immediate applicable analytical tools to improve business performance.

It was a great year, and we are thankful to all those who contributed to our success, especially to our students and alumni, whose involvement in the development of our NGO has been constant and consistent throughout these years.

For the upcoming year, we are planning to continue these events and activities. We are planning to organize more quality networking meetings and we aim to reach out to the business communities outside of Cluj-Napoca and engage with entrepreneurs and companies in Transylvania and surrounding regions. We also aim to continue the series of talks and workshops we have started in the past years by bringing to Cluj and Romania renown world experts, academics and successful business developers to inspire and challenge us.

Stay close to find out more about our activities!