A new group of students joins the Strategy for a Digital Economy program on the 3rd of September. The program is internationally accredited.

On Friday, 3rd of September, the second group of students will be joining the newly launched strategy mini-MBA internationally accredited program delivered in partnership with Suffolk University (Great Britain). For 4 months, the 11 students will go through lectures grouped in 4 modules taught by Andrew Taylor, Managing Director of TEE and strategy expert, with over 20 years of experience in international and Romanian companies, Visiting Senior Fellow in Management at Suffolk University, with teaching experience at Hull University and Staffordshire University, and founder of the consulting firm Connect CEE.


During each module we will have international experts with extensive academic recognition from various business schools in the UK (Hull, Suffolk, Northumbria - Newcastle) and Finland, joining in as guest lecturers and speakers. In this sense, we would like to mention prof. David G. Grant, dean responsible for research at the Hanken School of Economics, who will be joining as the first module, as well as local entrepreneurs with a consistent international presence from the most important companies in Romania, who will share with us their expertise and strategy tools.


The program is unique on the Romanian market because it brings together in a class, university professors with international experience, businessmen and professionals from the IT industry, banking, finance, and industry, and puts the knowledge transmitted by them in a well-structured theoretical framework, organized as a short-term executive education program. Teaching and information transmitted in the classroom are accompanied by group exercises, discussions with mentors and individual study sessions.


This fall's group consists of 11 students, who hold middle and senior management positions, and come from fields such as banking and finance, software development, logistics, industry, and energy.


On completion of this course, the students will walk away with:


  • Leadership capabilities to make informed business decisions, and lead with confidence through a complex and turbulent contemporary business context.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills to be able to identify trends and channel resources most effectively.
  • A network of global professionals and a certificate of competence from Transilvania Executive Education.
  • Strategy-focused skills that enable you to engage in global markets in a strategic manner to leverage your organisation’s competitive advantages.


The courses take place one weekend once a month, from September to December, current year.